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Lexis / Nexis Information Services

Lexis/Nexis Information Services are online information resources made available through Mead Data Central, Inc.

Lexis offers bibliographic and full-text databases which contain legal, regulatory, and legislative information. Through Lexis, users can search for and obtain the text of federal and state court cases, international law materials, law review articles, statutes, and codes.

Nexis offers access to the full-text of 20 major newspapers, 160 regional news sources, 180 world news services and 24 newswire services covering geographical areas worldwide; transcripts include ABC News, CNN, the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, and National Public Radio. Nexis files also include sources leading to bibliographical information, journals and magazines, medical and drug information, and company and industry analyst reports. Each service covers state, local, federal and international sources in scope, many of which become available online within 24 hours of publication or broadcast.

Users should note that Kenyon's contract with Mead Data Central stipulates that Lexis/Nexis services may be used for educational purposes only. The services may not be used for legal, business, or commercial purposes.


Lexis/Nexis databases are arranged in categories called "libraries". (See the next page for a listing of libraries.) Once a library has been selected, the user may then select and combine files to search within that library. For more information on the library and file contents, consult the "Library Contents & Alphabetical List" in the Lexis Product Guide, located at the Lexis/Nexis Station or at the Library Information Desk.

To Arrange To Use Lexis/Nexis

Students, faculty, and staff wishing to access Lexis/Nexis should contact the Library Information Desk Staff (PBX 5691) for an orientation. Due to our contractual agreement with Mead, the Lexis/Nexis Services are NOT available between 2 - 4 pm daily.

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