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Appendix L - Public Printers at Kenyon

Following is a list of public printers which are available to the entire Kenyon Community.

Location Printer Name Type

*Ascension Hall ASC2HP HP4 Plus laser printer

Room 1

Caples Dorm CAP1HP HP4 Plus laser printer

Study Room on ground floor

*Chalmers Library CHA3HP Generic Queue for CHA4HP and

Information Center CHA5HP

(second floor) (HP4 Plus laser printers)

Gund Commons GUN1HP Generic Queue for GUN2HP and GUN3HP (HP4 laser printers)

Manning Dorm MAN1HP HP Plus laser printer

*Peirce Hall PEI1HP HP4 Plus laser printer

Room 02

*P. Mather Hall PMA1HP HP4 Plus laser printer

Crawford Center

S. Mather Hall SMA5HP HP4 Plus laser printer

Room 202

Watson Dorm WAT1HP HPIII laser printer

* These printers are also on the Novell Network

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