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Telnet To a User Account

These instructions will be useful to anyone who needs to log into another computer system on the Internet.

What is Telnet?

Telnet is a program on any Kenyon VAX which allows you to connect to another computer system interactively. In order to use or log into another computer system, you must have access to that system either through a specific account there or a public access account name. The speed of interaction with the other system will vary according to how much traffic there is on the network.

Telnet is used to access many different kinds of public services, including databases, freenets, and netfind. Login instructions are usually included with public access addresses.

How to Use Telnet

How to Start Telnet

The simplest way to use TELNET is to follow it directly with the full address to which you want to connect, at the $ prompt:

$ TELNET host.domain R

For example, to establish an Interactive session on the VAX at the Stony Brook campus of CUNY, at the $ prompt type:


You can also start Telnet from the $ prompt without a hostname:


In this case, you will be presented with the TELNET> prompt. For a brief listing of Telnet commands, press ? R . To establish an interactive session from the TELNET> prompt, type:

TELNET> OPEN host.domain R

For example,


If you wish to keep or refer to a file of the session, you can try:


TELNET/LOG will put a file of your session in your directory, but not all sites will support the log function. There may be a limit on the size of the log file.

Unless you have an account on a remote system on the Internet and know the complete address of that system, you are advised NOT to explore the Telnet program. Unauthorized attempts to log into other systems may be seen with suspicion and may cause trouble for yourself and others. Use of the Internet is available to the College as a privilege.

To Exit Telnet

To exit Telnet from the TELNET> prompt, type:


Telnet to Kenyon College

If you are away from the College and (1) have an account at another Internet site or (2) are offered Internet access without having your own account (e.g., at a conference), you can Telnet to Kenyon and log in, just as you would if you were on campus.




will allow you to log onto the academic VAX. Substitute KCVAX2 to Telnet to the Library system, or KCVAX3 to get the administrative system.

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