Partnering to Lower the Bar

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Major points

Roadmap to the talk

The academy is about….

A balancing act

Change: friend or foe?

Pressure to change

Change is not new - rate of change is

Changes in learning to come?

New questions, new audiences

But should  we use technology?

Why not technology?

These are NOT binary choices!

Bottom Line?

Making possible this change

Information resources perspective

Information resources staff responsibilities

Faculty Perspective

From where do our teaching habits come?

Faculty responsibility:  quality of learning

Time…too little time

Substitute - don’t add

Partnering to lower the bar

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Traditional relationships

Traditional relationships

Changing relationships

Changing relationships

Changing relationships

Changing relationships

New relationships

New relationships

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Forging partnerships

Develop awareness and trust

Define your role carefully

Address “why” before “how”

Kenyon case study
web-based class projects

Characteristics of the web
that facilitate learning

Web-based class projects

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The challenges....

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