To Dance with Change

Where are we headed?

Why Technology?

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The “earliest” adopters

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Change and higher education

Change and the individual

Changes in technology drive changes in...

Change is not new

The rate of change is new

Enhancing learning                   (and teaching)

Tools for communication

Communication and Collaboration

New technology: multimedia

Conventional wisdom of the
new media

Distinctive uses of the new media

A case study from the humanities

Senior Honors Thesis

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Another new technology: local networks

Yet another new technology: the Internet

Access to information - the World Wide Web




The WWW is a web

The WWW is a web

The WWW is a web

The WWW is a web

URLs - the key to locating documents


Netscape - a replacement for Windows?

Case study: environmental studies

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The Four As

New medium - same old issues

Technology enhancements

Learner Outcomes

Faculty Outcomes

Case study: traditional relationships

Case study: new partnerships

Technology can help take us...

So where are we headed with technology?

Knowledge Navigator: watch out for.....

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