Curricular Change

Change and higher education

One institutional balancing act

Change and the individual

Changes in technology drive changes in...

Change is not new

The rate of change is new

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The “earliest” adopters

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Again, why technology?

What is done?

Who supports it?

Communication and collaboration

Communication and collaboration

Information access - the Internet

The World Wide Web

A web of documents

A web of more documents

A web of even more documents

A web of more and more and...


Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations 1953

The landscape of the Web

Web browsers - the “operating system” of the Internet?

Internet multimedia

Conventional wisdom of the
“new media”

Distinctive uses of the new media

A case study from the humanities

Senior Honors Thesis

The New Information Literacy

The New Information Literacy

Comments from Kenyon faculty

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Resources for new learning communities

Binary choices

Unforseen sources of “cost”

A dialogue about resources allocation

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Knowledge Navigator: watch out for.....

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