Digital Asset Management Projects

Digital asset management has been a hot topic for many schools, and I am fortunate to be involved in several initiatives in this area.

  1. The "Collaboration with Technology" program for which I serve as program director has funded work in digital asset management involving the Five Colleges of Ohio. Through this effort, these colleges (Denison, Kenyon, Oberlin, Ohio Wesleyan and Wooster) are conducting faculty pilot projects using a shared installation of the CONTENTdm asset management system. More about this work can be found at the "Collaboration with Technology" web site.

  2. The institutions in the Associated Colleges of the South, the Associated Colleges of the Midwest and the Great Lakes Colleges Association will benefit from the REALIA Project. This effort in digital asset management is homed at the ACS Technology Center at Southwestern University and is led by a Managing Board of which I am a member. The project seeks to create collections of reviewed materials to support the study of languages. The prototype focuses on Spanish and Russian and also uses the CONTENTdm asset management system.

  3. Finally, I am promoting and coordinating a national effort to increase opportunities for sharing faculty collections of media. On behalf of the Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges, I negotiated a discount agreement with DiMeMa, the developer of CONTENTdm. They have extended this offer to all schools supported by the Mellon Foundation.

    Several projects have selected this software for managing digital assets (images, audio, video, any digital format). By using the same platform for this increasingly important work, there is great potential for sharing collections of materials in a controlled and appropriate manner, to enhance our curricula. We imagine many benefits from our sharing collections of digital media to which our institutions, faculty or staff hold copyrights and agree to share. This is also an opportunity for campus libraries and technology units to work together because such a project will tap the expertise of both groups. Please contact me if you are interested in this collaboration.

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