Scott E. Siddall

Projects - underway and recent

The Sakai Project and other open source initiatives
Piloting Sakai and the Open Source Portfolio Initiative, source by higher education, for higher education.
Digital asset management
Organizing, presenting and sharing digital media, especially shared faculty collections - see
Video conferencing
Remote collaboration classrooms and shared resources at the Five Colleges of Ohio
Learning Spaces Project including the Fine Arts Digital Media Lab
A campus-wide effort to enhance the appearance, the comfort, and the utility of all campus spaces that are related to learning.
Recent consulting work
Our consulting group focuses on open source support for higher education and non-profit organizations.
Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges web portal
Design and development work on the CLAC web portal, a member-driven source of information and collaboration
Environmental Studies courses
Highly collaborative web publications completed as major course assignments in this capstone course: The Tragedy of the Coastal Commons, Large Dams of the Western US, Can the Earth Afford to Feed You?, Environmental Assessment of a New Middle School, and US Shellfisheries.
"Collaboration with Technology" Program
Four-year program between Denison University and Kenyon College to foster curricular projects that use technology to enhance learning.
The Siddall Family web site
A clearinghouse for genealogical information about the Siddall Family
Current and Past Projects
Resume and Curriculum Vitae
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Notable Bookmarks
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