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Carl Uncover Periodical Index

UnCover is a current periodical index and document delivery service developed by the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries (CARL). CARL has made this bibliographic database, covering more than fourteen thousand periodicals and containing more than four million citations, available for free searching.

Access CARL

You can connect to CARL from your VAX system prompt in two ways:

Method 1

Method 2

After Connecting to Carl

You will be asked to create a User Profile. A User Profile is necessary only if you plan to order photocopies.

Search Uncover

UnCover offers Name/Author, Word and Browse searching. All searches are initiated at the >> prompt.


To locate articles by an individual.

Names are entered in the first name-last name order.


To locate articles about individuals, keywords or topics.

Names are entered in the first name-last name order.


To view a list journal titles and their tables of contents.

Other Commands

Obtaining Journal Articles

The Kenyon Online Catalog

Search by the title of the journal to determine if Kenyon subscribes to the periodical. "This Article May Be Available in Your Library at NO Cost to You" is an important display message in the UnCover database.

Interlibrary Loan

Not all periodicals in the CARL database are owned by the Kenyon library. If Kenyon does not subscribe to a journal, an InterLibrary Loan request may be submitted.

Document Delivery Service

As a document delivery service, UnCover provides the option to purchase photocopies of articles by FAX. The user can register by name, fax and credit card numbers in a User Profile before searching.

Copy and delivery charges will be listed.

Enter your name, address, FAX and credit card numbers. Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Note: Other selected services are also available from the carl menu.

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