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Using the Scanner

There are two scanning programs, Deskscan (an image scanner), and Calera Wordscan.


Deskscan, a software program which allows you to scan images (color and black and white) into a file, is installed on the multimedia station in the Academic Computing Information Technology Resource Room on the ground floor of the Olin Library building.

If you wish to use Deskscan and the multimedia station, please contact the ICS HelpLine and make a reservation for a specific time.

This document assumes that you have knowledge of Windows and the use of a mouse.

To Start Deskscan

To start Deskscan, click twice on the Deskscan group icon and then click twice on the Deskscan II program icon.

To Scan an Image

Install Image in Scanner

To put the image in the scanner, first open the lid of the scanner. Place the image page next to the arrow at the back right corner of the scanner. Make sure the page is straight.


First get a preview of the image before saving it to a disk. Click twice on the button which says PREVIEW . This will take a few seconds. If the scanner hasn't been used for a while, a message saying "warming bulb" will appear on the screen and then the image will scan.

When the preview displays on the screen, you will notice a black line rectangle (or square) surrounding the page. If your image is smaller than the page, you will want to make this line fit your image. To fit the black line around your image, slowly move the cursor to the bottom or side of the black line until you see a double arrow and then click and drag the double arrow until the black line is next to the image. First do the bottom and then do the side line. You can click on the corner of the black line rectangle (or square) and move the line diagonally to fit the image.

If the image is very small, you can then click on ZOOM and get a larger version of your image. Please notice the last section of this article forchanges which can be made before you save.

Final Version of the Image

When the image is as you wish it to be, click FINAL and then save the image to a file.

To Save the Image

After you click FINAL, the save file dialogue box will appear on the screen. There are several options at this point which you must consider.

File Type

Under SAVE FILE TYPE AS: is a list of several file types one of which you must select. Decide which file type in which you want to save your file. The options are:


EPSF (Screen Image)

MS Windows 3.0 Bitmap

This is a BMP type and a good choice to import into other software programs.

OS/2 Bitmap

TIFF 5.0

This is also a good choice to import into other software programs.

TIFF 5.0 compressed

Choose this if the file is VERY large.

Change Disk Drives

The default drive and directory are listed at the top of the SAVE FILE dialogue box under the word DIRECTORIES: . The default directory for your saved file is C:\DESKSCAN. You will want to change this to the A: drive, C:\FILES, or possibly to a network drive.

To change the disk drive, click on the down arrow next to the DRIVES: dialogue box and choose the drive to which you wish to change.

Change Directory

If the correct directory does not appear under directory, click twice on the drive name (for instance, C:) in the white box under DIRECTORIES: . This will move you up one level of directories. Then using the scroll bar, move to and click on the directory to which you wish to store your file.

Save the File

And now save the file. Click on the text box under FILE NAME: and type in the name (six letters or less). Click K box and your image will be saved in a file.

Changes You Can Make Before Saving

There are many changes you can make to your image before saving it to a disk. Often it is best to accept the defaults the first time and see if changes are necessary. Following are the changes which you can make.


When the scanner sees your image, sometimes the type changes without provocation. There are seven different types of images as listed below.

Black and white drawing

Color drawing

The drawings take a lot more disk space. Use this only if it really is a drawing.

Black and white halftone

Color halftone

Black and white photo

Select this is you plan to print the image on a black and white printer (non-color).

Color photo

This is the best selection for a color image to be printed on a color printer.

Millions of colors

This will make a VERY large file and our printers do not have millions of colors so it's best to select color photo instead of millions of colors.


Several printers are listed under PATH. Select SCREEN or the printer to which you want to print.

Other Options

You can also change the brightness, contrast and scaling of your image. Remember to try the defaults before changing a lot of things and change one thing at a time so you know what is happening and why.


Be mindful of the file size which is listed as SIZE: above the PREVIEW button.

Scanning Text using Calera WordScan

Following are instructions for scanning text on the Multimedia Workstation using Calera WordScan.

If Wordscan hasn't been started, click twice on Calera WordScan Group and then twice on WordScan Plus 3.0.

Click twice on Acquire Images for OCR ( the paper in hand at the left of the screen).

Click on Scan

After it scans, click on OCR

If you are scanning only one page, click on This Page

If you are scanning more than one page, click on All Pages

After each page is scanned, click on Add Page

When you are finished scanning, click on Stop Scanning

You will be automatically put into the Proofing Editor.

To exit the Proofing Editor, click on File and then on Exit Proofing Editor

Now you will be in the SAVE AS menu.

Make sure the drive is A:. Give it a name six letters or shorter. .DOC will be added to your name.

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