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Searching the Lexis/Nexis Information Services

Connect to the Lexis/Nexis Services

Lexis/Nexis is available at a dedicated station in the Library. The connection to Lexis/Nexis is via the Internet. The login and password are entered automatically by the communications software.

á Highlight LEXIS and press R at the main menu..

Libraries & Files

The first screen display updates the user as to "What's New" in the Lexis/Nexis system.

Press R

The second screen display lists the available libraries. Select the library you want to search by typing the name found on the screen. For more information on the libraries consult the "Library Contents & Alphabetical List," Lexis Product Guide, Volume 1, found at the Lexis/Nexis search area.

Type LAWREV R to select the Law Reviews library. (Example of selecting a library)

The next screen display lists files within the chosen library. Select the desired file(s) by typing the file name(s). You may search more than one file at a time.

Type ALLREV R to select combined law review files. (Example of selecting a file)

To Enter Search Terms

Note: Lexis/Nexis searches the full-text of articles and documents. Typing a common single word will retrieve an overwhelming number of documents. Consider typing in key phrases, searching by segments, or limiting the search with connectors. Consult The Basics search card and the User's Guide for examples.

Displaying Search Results

Use the keyboard template to display and move through a document.

Press 7 (Cite) to see a bibliographic-type list of the documents found.

Type the citation number to display a document. The document will be displaying KWIC (Key Words In Context), see below.

Press 6 (Full) to view the entire document.

Press 5 (KWIC - Key Words In Context) to see the context around a word to determine if the document is on target.

Press 1 or 2 (Next Page/Prev Page) to view the document.

Press 3 or 4 (Next Doc/Prev Doc) to move through the list of documents.

Beginning a New Search

Use the keyboard template to initiate a new search.

Exit Lexis/Nexis

To exit Lexis/Nexis, press A/9 (Sign off), then type N R.

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