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Recording from the Lexis/Nexis Information Services

Lexis/Nexis users must download documents to a 3.5" formatted, IBM compatible floppy disk. The information may then be transferred to a VAX account for viewing, printing, or incorporating into documents.

Session Recording

The Lexis/Nexis system allows users to copy articles or documents with "Session Recording." Session Recording downloads the text that is seen on each screen to a floppy disk.

Type P R , when viewing a document, to determine the number of screens of the document. (Note whether the number displayed is full screens or KWIC screens).

To begin session recording press A 2 (Sess Rec).

Insert the disk into the drive, then backspace to erase the default filename. Type A: and enter the filename to be recorded, [Name: A:SESSION.REC], R . The characters RC, in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, indicate that the session is recording.

Press 6 (Full) to begin full-text recording.

Press 1 (Next Page) to page through the document. (You must page through the entire document to record its contents.)

To stop recording press A 2 . (Note: "Session Record" records all text displayed on the screen. Many users prefer to stop recording when viewing citations or beginning a new search.)

Press 7 (Cite) to view other citations found with the previous search (or)

The search terms are automatically carried when changing files or libraries.

When beginning to record another document, you will be prompted with the following message: "THE ABOVE FILE EXISTS"

Press A to append the document to the previous filename (or)

Press C to change the filename and enter new filename.

Print Lexis/Nexis Documents

Before printing Lexis/Nexis documents you must strip the page breaks (also called "form feeds") that the Lexis/Nexis system inserts every 1/3 page. The STRIPFF command will remove these unnecessary form feeds, making your file more readable, and saving paper. STRIPFF need only be added to the LOGIN.COM file once. Run the STRIPFF command to remove the page breaks from every document recorded.

To Strip Form Feeds form Lexis/Nexis Files

Create or edit the login.Com file

If a file with text appears, your LOGIN.COM is now open.

If a file did not previously exist, kedt will create a new blank LOGIN.COM file. The words [End of File] will appear at the top of the screen.

Add STRIPFF to the login.Com file



To strip form feeds from a VAX file downloaded from Lexis/Nexis, type the following command at the VAX dollar sign prompt:


Replace OLDFILENAME with the name of the file to be stripped. Replace NEWFILENAME with the name for the new, stripped file.


When finished printing NEWFILENAME, delete this file or download it to a floppy disk to reclaim space in the VAX account.

To Print Files from the VAX $ Prompt to a Specified Printer


CHA3HP is the printer in the Information Center of Chalmers Library. Any networked printer on campus may be substituted for CHA3HP.

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