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LYNX, A World Wide Web Reader For The VAX

LYNX is a World Wide Web reader designed for mainframe computer systems such as the VAX. It allows you to move among and through Web documents using simple keystrokes. Hypertext resources may be read, printed, downloaded or retrieved by e-mail.

Since Lynx will display text only, images, sounds, and other hypermedia common to the World Wide Web are not presented. When encountered, Lynx will present bracketed descriptive information instead (for example [image] ). Images can be displayed on a microcomputer using a microcomputer-based reader such as Netscape.

Accessing LYNX

There are three ways to access Internet resources using the LYNX reader at Kenyon.

The Kenyon Library Home Page

This method will bring up the Kenyon College Library LYNX-based Home Page. Useful resources are collected here and may be accessed by subject. You may move to other WWW resources from this page.

Direct to the Resource

If you know the URL (Uniform Resource Locator or address) of the WWW resource you seek, it is possible to open LYNX directly to that resource.

Caution: In certain instances LYNX is case sensitive. Record and type URLs exactly as you first see them.

Direct to LYNX

The LYNX software was created at the University of Kansas. This method takes you directly to the Kansas LYNX Home Page. Kansas does not, however, (due to the large number of users), permit you to enter other Internet addresses.

At the VAX $ prompt, type Lynx R .

Navigating through LYNX

Use the up and down arrow keys to move between highlighted terms.

Use l to return to the previous level.

Use s to see the next page of a document. Use the minus key to return to the previous page.

When the cursor is on a highlighted term of interest, press R to jump to the text and/or location which expands upon that term.

Type G to go to a WWW resource with a known address (URL). Type the URL at the prompt. The URL, or Uniform Resources Locator, is usually provided in the announcement of a service. A typical URL for a WWW information source will look like this:

Caution: In certain instances LYNX is case sensitive. Record and type URLs exactly as you first see them.

Type Q to quit.

Printing, E-Mailing and Downloading from LYNX


To print to an attached printer:

To print to CHA3HP, the Chalmers Library laser printer:


To E-mail a document to yourself or anyone with Internet mail:

For example: SMITHW (Kenyon) or MX%"WSMITH@CC.OSU.EDU" (off-campus)


To save a document as a file in your VAX account:

To save as a file on your PC, you must not be running WinQVT. Access LYNX through Kermit via the DOS prompt, then:

Creating a Customized Menu with

A customized LYNX-based World Wide Web menu of selected resources may be set up using the bookmark feature. The bookmark file is saved in your VAX account and may be accessed during the current or any subsequent LYNX session.

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