Scott E. Siddall
Welcome to my virtual space on the Web - thanks for stopping by.

Why do I present this personal website?

I suspect that ego is a frequent motivator for personal web show that we know how to publish web pages, or to tell the world about ourselves (even if the world is not listening). Who will take the time to visit? Those who already know us well probably know most of what we'd put in a web page anyway. Those who don't know us have no real reason to visit in the first place, unless something we've put here is of value to them. Perhaps then personal webs are for acquaintances who will pick up something of use to them, or learn more about us, or for those who need to know more about us, such as co-workers, employers and potential employers.

This web is a snapshot of my world which is as nonlinear and changing as the web, so the medium works well for me. If it serves another purpose, excellent. Let me know!

This web was developed by me using Adobe Photoshop version 5.0 and WordPad almost exclusively. I find that automated web authoring tools often create low-value, excess HTML and JavaScript coding so I don't use them often. In creating this web, I have used NetStudio 1.01 for the "Family & Fun" opening graphic (along with Photoshop to place the textual elements). I used Homesite 4.0 to design the tabled pages, but in the end, I used WordPad to implement the HTML. Finally, for the tables in the left margin buttons, I used the web slicer in Metacreations Painter 5.5 Web Edition.

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