Scott Siddall


Environmental Assessment (ENVS 210 at Denison, 2000-2001), the role of rigorous scientific method in assessing the environment, including field studies

U.S. Shellfisheries: Another Tragedy of the Coastal Commons (HNRS-145-01 at Denison, 2001-2002), a seminar on the natural and social science aspects of coastal shellfishing communities.

Environmental Studies Capstone Course, conflicts in the management of natural resources, the required capstone course for Kenyon's environmental studies concentration, taught from 1995-2000:

Can the Earth Afford to Feed You?
   (taught between campuses using collaborative technologies)
Large Dams in the Western United States
Tragedy of the Coastal Commons
Independent Study (INDS 93), an independent study focusing on students' perception of the role of information technology in learning
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