* to demonstrate that you can think critically in your selection and reading of resource materials
* to demonstrate that you can forge valuable relationships among piece of information; that you can create new knowledge and insights

All semester: participate in course discussions - in class and online

This "assignment" is assumed throughout the course. So much of what we do in this course benefits from your insights! We brainstorm a great deal, and the primary "rule" of brainstorming is that nothing is deemed incorrect, wrong, unworthy. Please: participate!

All semester: Discover-retrieve-evaluate NEW sources of information

This "assignment" is also assumed throughout the course. Improve your skills in information literacy. Use the resources of Denison and Kenyon libraries. Learn how to search the web effectively. If you find something of value, bring it to class.

Public Presentation at the end of the semester

Each of the content groups will present the salient features of their findings and arguments in about five minutes. You can organize this in any fashion you like, but as a minimum, all members of the group will go to the front of the auditorium while one of you operates the computer and one or more of you speak. The computer will display the web site on a large screen. I'll expect you to spark some discussion with the audience, even if it's just the class members.

Prepare for selection of project theme, DUE Monday, September 13

You will finalize your selection of a theme for the collaborative class project on Sept. 13, and develop an initial storyboard for the web site. You must be prepared to contribute to the decisions we will make; scan the literature that you can access in time for use in the course. Look for print and online resources related to your own interests. Use the ENVS61 listserver for preliminary discussions.

Approximate class project timeline

Course outline

Grading and requirements


Readings and resources

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Collaborative projects by previous classes: 1995, 1996 and 1998

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