ENVS 61 - Fall semester, 1999

The intention of this capstone course is to draw together and apply the concepts learned in earlier courses in the environmental curricula of Kenyon and Denison. The focus of the course will be on case studies of natural resource management in both terrestrial and aquatic environments. Teams of three to eight students will select topic areas, gather and organize primary literature and other resources, then critically assess current and alternative management practices. In this strongly interdisciplinary effort, we will explore ecological, economic, social, and legal issues that limit successful exploitation of resources. The teams will integrate their case studies as a collaboratively created web site that highlights the common bases of resource mangement in all environments. Students will be expected to develop and communicate their understanding of the complex and inseparable relationships of human need and environmental management. Prerequisites for Kenyon students: junior or senior standing and ENVS 12.

Visit the web site created by this year's class!

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